In order for community users and developers to know the system and version plan of deepin, the official will irregularly update or publish its detailed information as below, for users to track deepin development plan.

Release Plan

deepin 20.1 (1005) Beta December 15, 2020
deepin 20.1 (1010) Release December 31, 2020
deepin 20.2 (1020) April 2021

Release plan of deepin 20.1

Deepin 20.1 will introduce the significant improvement of system performance, from system startup and performance response to system resources, etc.; improve DDE interactive experiences, upgrade applications, and replace the pre-installed applications from upstream with deepin applications.

DDE and Applications Integrate the latest version of UnionTech OS 20 Professional 1030, with performance optimization and application updates.
Control Center Smart switch of mirror sources.
Kernel and Repository Integrate the latest dual kernel, and upgrade the repository to debian 10.6.
Applications Replace: Firefox -> Deepin Browser, Thunderbird -> Mail, Gparted -> Disk Manager, and Cheese -> Camera.

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